Deepak Varma


A transformational coach and trainer; Heartfulness certified trainer; Mindfulness expert; with over 18 years corporate expertise in Fortune 500 companies in areas of sales, operations, business excellence through Effective Leadership styles, People transformation, Effective Communication, Coaching and Mentoring.

Intensive Training on Ikigai

  • 1. Access to the Magic of Ikigai Course

  • 2. How to Decode the Numerator and Denominator of Ikigai

  • 3. Understanding the PACES Model

  • 4. Emotional Inner Connect through Mindfulness

  • 5. Getting into Flow and Longevity Quotient

Coaching Methodology

  • 1. Core Competencies

  • 2. Coach Program

  • 3. Coaching set of Models

Start Date

12 weeks, Combination of Group, Individual and Peer coaching

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Ten Outcomes of the Ikigai Life Coach Certification Program

  • 1. Intensive training on Ikigai

  • 2. Coaching Tools

  • 3. Social media tricks and knowhow (LinkedIn / FB / YouTube)

  • 4. Practical roadmap to begin your journey as an Ikigai Coach

  • 5. Free coupons for “Magic of Ikigai” course

  • 6. “Ikigai Coach” Certificate from Technospirit Digital University

  • 7. Handholding to get your first client

  • 8. Speaker slots at Webinars

  • 9. Featured as a registered Ikigai coach on

  • 10. Announcement in SM channels post certification

The Change is Within You!

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Ikigai Life Coaches JFM 2022

What are participants saying?

“Some takeaways are : The Prelude to IKIGAI, Pillar of genius, Superpower Starter information and conversations and how I could utilise them in my work. Using strategies for managing circle of control, influence, and concern for myself and clients. Writing down the goals and outcomes gives an opportunity for greater commitment as it goes into the subconscious mind and contributes to taking action.”

Suneeta L

“Kindergarten Chart, Johari Window, My Ikigai vs My Reality was an eyeopener... The conversations around levels of listening, which is a very important skill for any Coach. The superpower Qs exercise. The learning and conversations around Circle of concern, influence, control and subsequent peer coaching.”


“Finding strength with help of High5,16personlaties test - To follow the strengths as its the guiding force to set a goal for self and others. Importance of to be empathetic as it’s the core of being a coach.”