Dr Deepak Varma

ICF ACC Ikigai™ Coach, IAF MAD Facilitator, 

Founder and CEO at Technospirit Consultancy, Speakology, Healify

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Step into the extraordinary world of Dr. Deepak Varma, a visionary with a Ph.D. from Hessen International University, Germany, specializing in "Inner Leadership." A distinguished ICF ACC Ikigai Life Coach, international keynote speaker, and celebrated healer, Deepak is the architect behind the accredited Speakology™️ program and the transformative healing technique, "Healify." Having conducted over 3000 workshops across 10 countries, empowering 50,000+ individuals from 75+ organizations, he's also the Amazon bestselling author of "The Joyful Quotient."

He is the Founder and CEO at Technospirit Consultancy, with 100+ empanelled trainers and coaches in various categories, across the globe.

As the force behind Trainers Terrific and Entrepreneurs International, Deepak's influence extends globally, fostering learning and connections among executive members from 30 countries.

Explore his profound impact on personal and professional development through "Soulful Retreats" and "Young Dreamers." With a network spanning the globe, Deepak Varma is your guide to unlocking joy and realizing your fullest potential.

Discover more about him at www.linkedin.com/in/deepak-varma.

What you'll learn


Unlock the essence of Ikigai in leadership, as our expansive network of seasoned coaches guides you towards purpose- driven and fulfilling leadership. Embrace the wisdom of an organization brimming with experienced trainers who bring out the best in you.


Experience transformation with our elite ICF coaches. Our prestigious cadre of coaches exemplifies excellence and will propel you to unprecedented success. Join the league of visionary achievers with the guidance of our esteemed coaching network.


Discover a world of diverse training expertise, from organizational development to OutBound Training (OBT). With a vast roster of professional trainers, we offer an array of subjects to hone your skills, making you future- ready.


Experience holistic counseling with an array of seasoned experts. Our diverse team of counselors  doesn't  just provide answers but fosters healing and growth. Be part of the transformation, guided by individuals passionate about making a difference.


Nurture the dreams of the future with our program tailored for young dreamers. Our accomplished mentors help teenagers tap into their potential, nurturing the leaders of tomorrow within a supportive, forward-thinking environment


Elevate your public speaking prowess with Speakology. Enroll in an exceptional program led by industry experts from our vast network of trainers. Unleash your voice and master the art of impactful communication, setting you apart in every sphere..


 I endorse his credentials as a coach, facilitator and trainer. He's extremely good with his listening capability and the flexibility of approach in getting the best out of the teams that he interacts with. A great friend of mine and I whom I looked up to and learn from.

- Harpreet Bhan, Vice President at Adizes Institute

Mr Deepak Varma took a training session for the Ghanians across different professional backgrounds; he explained the topic to the understanding of every participant. It was very engaging and it will interest you to know that we did not want the session to end. If you're looking for corporate training, business networking, transformational coaching or communication skills, look no further, consult with Mr Deepak.

Vera Alomatu Agbenyegah : Founder at VCMN, Ghana

Deepak wears multiple hats and switches easily into various roles. He is a motivational speaker, healer, meditation trainer, facilitator, corporate leadership workshops coach, and mentor he has recently published his first book “The Joyful Quotient” which is a joy to read. I invite you all to experience Deepak in his multiple avatar's and benefit from it immensely.
-Subramaniam Sankaran ICF Coach, Global Trainer, Marshal Goldsmith

I had the chance an honour to meet Deepak as the keynote speaker of this events program at Maldives. The experience that I had with him was totally different from the other speakers that I have met during the last 10 years of experience around the world. His speeches were so inspirational and impressive. To top it all, when it comes to the meditation it was totally a kind of awesome experience for me. I'm looking forward to meet Deepak again sometime and have this chance again to do this interpretation for him because I know that I’m going to learn a lot of things myself while doing my job and this makes it very lovely for me.

- Hamid Saghafy, Simultaneous Interpretor, Iran

Deepak taught me about the power of something called Ikigai and really it's your purpose, its your passion, it's your reason for being and being able to find needs and fulfilling them is is service, the highest calling on this planet to do is to serve one another

- Lois Koffi, Podcaster and Sales Coach, California

Deepak brings a passion into his programs, which are very individualized. He was very insightful for me and my coaching practice. I would highly recommend anybody working with him because he will help you understand your limiting beliefs overcome them in build your business in practice
-Don Markland, CEO of Accountability Now, Executive Coach, Florida






Deepak Varma

What one seeks in life is Clarity, Happiness, Success in Relationships, Career and Health.

What would you say are the obstacles in achieving this end?

Is there any mantra or strategy one can adopt to create a holistic happier lifestyle?

How would you define your set of parameters in Career, Health and Relations?

Over the last few years, I have attempted to decode this in various facets of life and has resulted in 3 core areas : Ikigai™, Speakology™ and Healify.  He has authored the best selling book "The Joyful Quotient" in 2019

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